4 Items Of Clothes You Should Be Dry Cleaning

Make Sure Your Clothing Lasts

Dry cleaning is a superior cleaning process compared to washing items in a washing machine. You will get the benefit of a pressed and starched finish as well as complete and thorough cleaning that does not involve water. Using a dry cleaning service is essential to clean certain fabrics and things like suits, skirts, and slacks will always look nicer when they are dry cleaned properly.

Dry cleaning is one of the best ways to care for certain fabrics and you should not scrimp on caring for these items by trying to wash them at home. At AW Cleaning, we can care for your delicate clothes with ease!

Silk Sensationally Cared For

Silk cannot be washed if you want to preserve the color and the texture of this kind of fabric. The bright and shimmery nature of silk is what makes this fabric beautiful and you need to preserve this character of the fabric by dry cleaning it.  Same-day cleaning services can be performed on silk to help prevent stains from sinking into the silk and ruining it for good.

Worry About Wool No More

If you wash wool in a washing machine, it will shrink and lose a lot of its color. This can also impact the waterproof nature of these fabrics as well. You should always dry clean your wool, especially if it has been stained with something that will not come out with ease or has had grease spilled on it. Wool is very absorbent and dry cleaning is necessary to remove stains completely.

Learn About Proper Leather & Suede Care

You should never wash suede or other leather fabrics and materials. Water ruins leather and makes it shrink and stains it. When you own leather clothing items you will need to plan to dry clean them every time that you need them to be cleaned. You should also make sure that you take your leather items that have been dyed to a skilled dry cleaner who will not use the wrong cleaning products on them and remove the color.

Make Velvet Last

Washing velvet will remove the nap and texture of this fabric and the shape and size of the garment could be impacted as well. Velvet has to be dry cleaned to look its best and to remove stains and mad smells from it. Most velvet materials cannot even be spot cleaned at home without damaging the fabric. This kind of material will be permanently damaged if you try to clean it with water, so you should not do so under any circumstance.

Dry cleaning services are the best way to maintain the beauty and color of many fabrics. For suits, slacks, dresses, and things like silk and velvet, this is the only way to clean your clothes without ruining them. If you own clothing that is made from delicate fabrics, you can enjoy them for many years with the right dry cleaning care. At AW Cleaning we can care for your delicate clothing quickly with same-day dry cleaning services!

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