Fire & Water Restoration

Contents Packout Services by AW Cleaners:

Specializing in restoring textiles damaged by water, fire, smoke, soot,and more. At AW Cleaners, we offer a comprehensive service that begins with close coordination with your insurance agent, ensuring a seamless restoration process.

Our team carefully identifies and removes items that are beyond restoration or cannot be moved. We pack your belongings securely, creating a detailed checklist for every box and item, which are then transported to our dry cleaning facility for thorough cleaning and storage.

Our meticulous process includes full packout, cleaning, deodorizing, repacking, and storing your items, ensuring they are treated with the utmost care. Throughout the restoration process, we provide regular updates on the progress of your recovery request, keeping you informed and at ease.

Finally, once the cleaning and restoration of your items are complete, we organize the return of your belongings, ensuring they are back in your possession, restored to their pre-damage state. Our dedication at AW Cleaners is to provide you with a worry-free, comprehensive service from start to finish.

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