Wash & Fold

When you have a super busy schedule, laundry can continue to pile up. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of finally getting the time to do your laundry and then it piles up again! With AW Cleaners in Phoenix and Finksburg, MD, you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do all of your laundry. You can finally use your free time to do something you actually enjoy!

Wash Services

Whether you need loads of laundry done, or you forgot about an important event and need same-day dry cleaning services, AW Cleaners is the company for you. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we use high-quality products to ensure that all of your clothes are being well maintained. All of your clothes will be meticulously checked after being washed to ensure that it is of the highest standard. We can also help to maintain your clothes by getting out stains and restoring them to look as good as new!

Fold Services

Doing your laundry can be one thing, but folding it can be another battle, especially when you have a very busy schedule. At AW Cleaners, we don’t just wash your clothes — we fold them too! Properly folding your clothes after washing is an important step in preserving the material to make sure it lasts for many more wears. We will maintain your most delicate garments by properly storing them for pick up, so you can relax knowing that your favorite clothes are in great hands!

No More Hassle

Take the hassle out of doing your laundry and let AW Cleaners do the work for you. We will wash and fold your clothing using eco-friendly techniques so that we can do our part in bettering the environment, and you can feel better about the services you are using. Schedule your pick-up today and choose AW Cleaners — dry cleaning done with care.